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ICarry.org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> ICarry.org's Mission and Stance

·  Mission Statement
·  Objectives
·  Belief Statements

·  Mission Statement

ICarry.org represents an informational and educational community and support resources for firearms owners in Wisconsin and Illinois focused on the transition to Right to Carry in these states.

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·  Objectives
  1. Supporting firearms owners in responsible and lawful exercise of their rights as protected by the 2nd Amendment and the 1st Amendment. We fully support all responsible and reasonable actions that are moral and lawful.
  2. Empowering citizens with the information, ideas, and communication resources to effect change in their own ways in addition to activities coordinated by ICarry.org volunteers.
  3. We are not a typical top-down-structured organization – we want members and participants to truly initiate and advance their own ideas.
  4. Enable anyone and everyone to contribute to the development of our website. All users can submit news articles, links to websites, events for the calendar, upload pictures and information, engage in discussion with one another, and provide valuable feedback to the administrators.
  5. Use modern marketing techniques to constantly learn what our users want, what we can do to improve, which directions we should take, and how we can best serve the firearms community.
  6. Use modern technology to communicate with current users and increasingly gain new users.
  7. Make the transition to Right to Carry fun and exciting for everyone, as well as safe.
  8. Work directly with local and state public servants including local officials, law enforcement, and workers at all levels to avoid conflicts and ease the transition to Right to Carry.
  9. Uniting all firearms rights groups through collaboration and utilizing each group’s strengths and direction for fast results.

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·  Belief Statements
  1. Safe and responsible firearms ownership is exceptionally valuable to society.
  2. The right to keep and bear arms is inseparably bound to the right to self-defense, self-preservation, and to protect one’s family and property from violent attack.
  3. These rights are enshrined in the Constitution not because the Constitution grants or gives these rights to people, but because each individual is born with these rights.
  4. These rights come from a higher power and are therefore not answerable to anyone, and they may not be lawfully abridged nor infringed by any government or group.
  5. The right to self-defense and to keep and bear arms has been infringed in Illinois and Wisconsin.
  6. We must work tirelessly to see these rights restored to their fullest intent as seen and declared by the founders of America – the Republic for free men and women.
  7. The right to bear arms should be exercised as frequently as it is spoken of, for the only way to retain a right is to exercise it. One person exercising a right is figuratively striking at the root of tyranny while thousands speaking of the right are merely hacking at the branches.
  8. Being active to restore rights should be fun, exhilarating, animating, and interesting.
  9. ICarry.org fully believes in exercising one’s rights to the fullest extent allowed by current law in a safe and reasonable manner. We trust and believe in the judgment of firearms owners in Illinois and Wisconsin, and we know they are just as trustworthy and responsible as citizens in the other 48 states.
  10. We support Open Carry in Wisconsin, Container Carry in Illinois, and Open and Concealed Carry in Illinois on one’s own property, business, or another’s property with their consent.
  11. We believe lawful Open Carry and Container Carry is reasonable, prudent, that it increases one’s safety, and firearms owners should not be fearful, embarrassed, or ashamed to exercise this great right and responsibility.
  12. In time, the public will become accustomed to the idea of self-defense and the right to bear arms and open and concealed carry will cease to be an issue at all. Many people will step up to the responsibility of protecting themselves after seeing the shining examples from responsible firearms owners.
  13. ICarry.org does NOT and has never supported someone intentionally getting arrested or harassed. We do NOT desire to use the courts and believe the courts should only be used when no other remedy is available. Courts can be useful for administrative procedures, but ICarry.org’s due diligence requires us to find remedies outside of the courtroom.
  14. While we strive to avoid any and all confrontation with law enforcement over the lawful exercise of our current rights, we will not be dissuaded to exercise those rights by any form of coercion. We will support anyone who is acting lawfully and reasonably in our eyes and has clearly fallen victim to such coercion.
  15. ICarry.org supports all autonomous pro-firearms rights groups and all of their lawful pro-firearms rights initiatives and actions. We encourage and promote all of their activities, and do not criticize or presume to believe we know better, nor do we impose our views upon them. Our position is never one of competition or ego; we encourage unity and maturity over competitive divisiveness. We encourage our members to support and participate in activities of all groups, and to see the value in the energy created by all members and activities of the pro-firearms rights community.
  16. ICarry.org and its representatives will never take actions to impede, stifle, thwart, or otherwise suppress pro-firearms efforts. We encourage our members to follow this example.
  17. It is our policy to always present other pro-gun groups in a favorable and positive light - to never speak ill of other groups or leaders. Official ICarry.org representatives are expected to follow this policy at all times, even in private conversations. We encourage our members to follow this example.
  18. Any concerns regarding A) another group taking actions that will likely result in lost firearms rights or B) another group taking actions to impede, stifle, thwart, or otherwise suppress pro-firearms efforts would only be made public if private attempts to address the concerns are unsuccessful and the concerns are of such importance that our duty to the firearms community compels us to expose such facts. At this time our members would be encouraged to thoughtfully look at the situation and help the firearms community rise to the challenge together to solve any problems that may exist.
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