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Sign Cty Board Member Fred Wescott's Website!!!
Please take a moment to show your support of concealed carry for responsible Illinois citizens and thank one of our most outspoken advocates, Winnebago County Board Member Fred Wescott. It takes just 2 seconds :)


And...a friend of Fred's, who is actually a reporter up in Wisconsin, just put out a editorial in the newspaper supporting concealed carry!!! We should send her a thank you as well!

Wisconsin Newspaper Editorial Supporting Concealed Carry!!!!

Carrying the cause in neighboring state by Tere Dunlap

I attended the National Rifle Association convention May 15-18 in Louisville, Ky.

One of my associates almost got a rash from the mere thought of me being an NRA lifetime endowment member; he had been sitting next to me for months without knowing.

He kidded me about Nazism and marching in lock-step, but I promised him a safe place to stand behind me and my gun should the need ever arise.

NRA CEO & Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, members the NRA Board of Directors and politicians speaking at the convention emphasized that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, it's about the right to self-protection.

The only embarrassment I had while at the convention is that I was from one of the only two states, Wisconsin and Illinois, that do not allow concealed carry permits. Some people even offered me their sympathies.

However, Wisconsin soon may become the only state that will not allow their citizens the right to self-protection.

While at the convention, I received a message from Fred Wescott, Ill., newly-elected District 9 representative on the Winnebago County Board, which includes the city of Rockford, that the board was ready to pass a concealed carry law, dubbed "Carry and Protect" (CAP) by Wescott. He is expected to be a resolution spokesperson, and to lead the push.

I notified NRA news in May. Wescott notified a grass roots group through Illinoiscarry.com just last week. Across the country - even among Wisconsinites, interest in the issue has exploded.

In the past week, more than 90 people from all over the country, including Wisconsin, have left messages at Wescott's Web site guestbook thanking and encouraging the board for its move in the face of rising crime. Wescott said his site had more than 800 hits in that time. www.fredwescott.com

The Winnebago County Board will be holding a public hearing on that county's first attempt to pass a concealed carry law at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 10, at the Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main St. I expect there will be standing room only ... and media galore.

Wescott said there are enough of the 28 board members to get the county's resolution passed.

The Illinois Legislature has been messing around with a state Family Protection Act, bouncing it in and out of committees for two years, Wescott said.

The Act has just been sent back to committee again, he said.

"This (county resolution) is going to make the State do something," Wescott said Wednesday night.

Wescott expects the issuance of even one permit to bring Illinois State Attorney General Lisa Madigan to challenge the legality of county's law. Winnebago County has no "home rule" law, which allows local governments to override a state law.

The resolution will finally allow the county sheriff to issue permits. The sheriff already has permission to form a posse, but with the county concealed carry law, he will be able to call upon armed citizens to assist his department (or themselves), should the need ever arise.

I recommend the citizens of Wisconsin get behind them and their guns.

- Tere Dunlap is a reporter for The Monroe Times. She can be reached at tdunlap@themonroetimes.com.
Posted on Friday, June 06, 2008 @ 17:36:43 CDT by ShaunKranish
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