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  • Feb 23, 2018
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Jury Nullification - A Powerful Right
I came across this the other night when I was on the gunfacts.info website. I thought it would be very good to share, considering it's invaluable information. If you are ever on a jury, and the defendant is accused of breaking a bad law (such as a gun control anti-2nd Amendment law) you have the power to "NULLIFY" the case. You can acquit the accused on basis that the law is unconstitutional, or otherwise just plain unjust. Learn this information, it could be very valuable for the fight for ALL of our rights!

I posted it under Content>Right to Keep and Bear Arms>Jury Nullification <--click here
Posted on Monday, September 19, 2005 @ 21:42:11 CDT by ShaunKranish
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Re: Jury Nullification - A Powerful Right (Score: 1)
by Randy82 on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 @ 14:51:57 CDT
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In years past, judges instructed juries that the jury was not only the judge of the facts of the case, but also of the law. If the jury found that application of the law would result in injustice to the accused, they had the right to find the accused not guilty, despite the facts of the case, because of the law.
That situation no longer exists. Judges do NOT instruct juries that they are the judges of the law, even though they are. In fact, there is an alarming situation developing where jury members are facing criminal charges for failing to uphold the law as given to them by the trial judge. This occurs when one member of the jury tells the judge that juror X is refusing to obey the jury instructions (which usually means a refusal to convict and a resulting hung jury). Remember, the only people in a jury room are the jurors - no judge, no lawyer, no bailiff, just the jurors. The purpose is to allow the jurors to reach their own conclusion without coerscion from either the state or the accused. The judiciary has never liked nullification and is now beginning to be aggressive in preventing it from occurring. For more information visit www.fija.org.

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Sadly, you will only find it here.  Encourage other pro-gun organizations to copy and post this information!!!

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