Cullerton says they must pass concealed carry
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 09:25:31 CST
Topic: Illinois

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Guns and gay marriage are at the top of the agenda

Story by 89 WLS reporter Bill Cameron
Guns and gay marriage are at the top of the agenda in Springfield when the legislature comes back next month.

You might think concealed carry is the last thing Democrats would want given their push for an assault weapons ban and a ten bullet limit on magazine clips.

But now that the courts have ruled against the state's concealed carry law, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says they need to approve concealed carry quickly to prevent violence, "If we don't pass a law, it'll be the wild west! Then people can just walk down the street without any limitation. So, we have the obligation to pass a bill. The NRA would be happy if we passed nothing."

Also at the City Club, Cullerton said the state Senate will move quickly soon to pass gay marriage, which the Democrats now call marriage equality.
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