Mike Basche from ICarry Captures Incredible Spontaneous Display of Patriotism
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010 @ 00:21:01 CDT
Topic: ICarry.org

Our very own Mike Basche was at the Illinois 8th district US Congressional debate being held at Grayslake Centra High (PUBLIC school) tonight - Wednesday Oct 20, 2010.  One of the audience members asked the forum leader if the pledge of allegiance would be said before the forum started, to which the forum leader responded "no, it will not."  Later she said, "I have absolutely nothing FOR or against saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of something like this..."  (perhaps this is a real sign of the pride people have in their Republic these days?)

The crowd then takes matters into their own hands and begins reciting the pledge together!!!  You can't find a more moving video than this.  This could very well go viral - indeed it's the kind of video that needs to.

Then Mike was escorted out because he was recording.  Keep in mind this is PUBLIC property and these are PUBLIC officials and PUBLIC figures.  There is absolutely no reason not to let people record.  It's one thing if phones are ringing and disturbing things, it's quite another to simply record.  Recording does not disturb or affect the process at all.  I'm sure incumbent Melissa Bean (soon to be ex-representative of the 8th district) insisted on this.  She knows America is tired of the socialism, the nanny state, the spending, and gun control.

"I have to say that being forced by having audience members stand up in presumably a planned way...seems a bit disrespectful."  The forum leader is so inept and out of tune to think this was staged or say this (does she really believe it?).  Why is the Pledge so offensive?   In the amount of time she spent talking about how the pledge should not have been said, the Pledge could have been said probably three dozen more times!!  Clearly time wasn't the reason...What is going on in this country.

Thank you Mike for capturing this - this is incredible.  The words of the forum leader droning on and on about it are actually quite freaky.  How can you argue with the Pledge of Allegiance?  Everyone wanted to do it - they did - so just move on.  It's very Orwellian to hear her disregard the flag, the pledge to the Republic, and patriotism.  Obviously a lot of people are moved right now to make right the many wrongs those in power have perpetrated on us.  It's showing, and it's powerful!!!!

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