Most disturbing evidence of Chicago handgun ban epic failure
Date: Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 02:54:23 CDT
Topic: Crime Report

The map here shows each place (871 since '08) in Chicago where someone was shot.  You can see the victims names and everything.  What type of firearm do you think the majority of these murders were committed with?  According to data, PISTOLS.  Yes, the dreaded handguns.  According to Daley, because of his ban, there shouldn't be any handguns in his city.  But they're used every day to murder people!

And they think they need to call in the national guard...or the latest idea is to try to sue gun manufacturers in WORLD court.  Well, why stop at the gun manufacturers?  Why not extend the lawsuits to the steel manufacturers, the foundries, the companies that make injection molds for polymer framed pistols, why not sue the individual employees who create it.  Let's not forget the ammunition manufacturers.  The lead recyclers?

Daley and his RAGER (Radical Anti-Gun Extremist) friends who own guns themselves, carry guns themselves, have armed body guards protecting themselves and their families...these elitists who think they're nobility will always blame guns.  But what about blaming knives?  If we look to England, after banning guns (subsequently followed by double the rate of crimes involving guns) this is exactly what they've done.  Then do we blame rocks, baseball bats, like the one used on the backs of the heads of those two women, any sharp or blunt object?  Do we then blame hands?

It's over.  Gun control is a failed social experiment.  We're not letting it continue in America. The other countries can ban guns as much as they want, and make the penalties as great as they want.  In America we will make sure we protect our own right to keep and bear arms and make sure that the government also protects that right.  No more of the same old tired message of blaming guns when clearly gun bans like the one in Chicago and in DC and in England and Australia DO NOT WORK!!!

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