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Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 @ 19:15:56 CST
Topic: ICarry.org Financial

There are currently 3 easy ways you can help support ICarry.org:

1) Amazon.comThe first and BEST way is to use our Amazon.com affiliation. The holiday season is coming up, and lots of people are shopping online. If you order Amazon.com products through us, we get a commission that will go toward the continued progress of this site! The more you use Amazon through us the more you support us.

2) Get FireFoxThe next best way is to use the link on the right to download the FireFox web browser. It's a great free program, and doesn't contain any spyware. We get $1.00 for each person that downloads and installs. Read More for more info.

3) Google ads are the final way. We receive money each time a user clicks on one of these. If you see something that interests you, or would spend a few minutes a day checking them out, you will be helping support us!

You may have noticed the google ads placed on the left. ICarry gets money ($0.05 or more) each time you click on one of these. If you see something that interests you, check it out. Each click is absolutely free cash for us. You could even spend 60 seconds each day checking out various ads and generating some serious money for us.

Another good google-ad deal is the FireFox referral. You'll notice a block on the right side of the main page with the FireFox logo. If you click this link, download the program, and install it, we get $1. If 10 people do this, that's $10. If 100...you get the idea! Absolutely free cash once again.

Here's the deal with FireFox:

It's a really good browser, usually much faster and cleaner than Internet Explorer. It's the second most popular browser right now (only to IE). It's growing rapidly because of its performance and features.

When you install it and run it for the first time, a google info dialog will come up. At the bottom you can disable PageRank so that your browser won't be sending info to google about the sites you visit. I did this myself when I tried out the referral thing.

If you don't like FireFox, or don't wind up using it, you can uninstall it anytime. There's absolutely NO spyware in this, so it's not a typical scam. Normally you should NOT download "free" stuff on the Internet because of spyware. FireFox is an exception though, it's clean software.

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