Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 @ 23:40:04 CST
Topic: PHP-Nuke

I was recently surfing on the internet when I came across the article about the people that invented a way to inscribe a serial number inside of ammunition. Now on the surface this sounds as it is a good idea. I mean why not have serial numbers inside a 9mm or 45 caliber shell casing. Its a grand idea, SO THAT WE CAN ALL GET ACCUSED OF SOMETHING THAT WE DIDN'T DO WHEN THE ROUNDS GET STOLEN FROM OUR HOMES! Oh I know, we are suppose to lock these things up. Well, if you cannot afford a safe because you are a novice in firearms collecting. Then it doesn't make any sense to have a safe, at least not yet.

Oh I know this way we can track all of our rounds. That makes sense! So we can be criminalized, oh wait I said that already! That's right we can have all the firearms we want too, all we can collect. However, they want to bankrupt us all in the process. This way we are forced to hunt no longer and carry on our sporting traditions like target shooting so that they can prevent crime. Wait a minute! I just realized we cannot prevent crime and imagine this I AM A POLICE OFFICER! The pipe dreams these people have come up with is beyond me.

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I am not for this this matter of putting number inside of my ammo whatsoever! I think and feel that if you want to be able to reload your own ammunition you should be able to do so. I know as well as you do that putting a serial number inside of a shell casing and or bullet. It sounds like it makes common sense and the right thing to do. But you cannot force 18 year olds to use common sense and leave the ammo alone or the weapon in question. We have always had street gangs and or thugs. Gangs have been around since the days of the Romans and before that time.

Weapons have been around the same or even longer. So, my only question is when will they put serial numbers on my steak knife? The people that came up with this laser technology have good intentions, well maybe, but not from where I am standing. Lets face the actual question what in hell is the purpose of ballistic testing for in the first place? Oh yeah that is right not only do they want to kill off the economy, they are possibly looking to do away more Police type positions. Wait no more forensic scientist? We won't need them right? Oh yeah because they will have serial numbers laser inscribed inside my .45 caliber rounds. Wait a minute they also want to keep track of each piece of ammo I own and make it illegal for me or anyone to own and they must dispose of the ammo that doesn't have serials number in it.

Let me get this right. I am a cop and you are a dentist. We are all law abiding citizens and yet they want to make us both criminals because we share a common interest in a sport or a tradition. Not to mention defending ourselves and homes!

I know I have an idea. Instead of being sheep waiting around for things to happen and then react. Why not act now? This way your voice has been heard. Keep on doing it. Stand up for yourself before things happen. Because as much as I hate to say this it is already happening! Be passionate, be active, speak your mind and stand up for yourself and your neighbor. Don't lay down and wait for Obama or some idealist to bankrupt our hobbies and traditions. The cost of ammunition is expensive enough, we don't need serial number and a added tax on each round stamped out because someone wants to make some cash! Greed is not the answer and in solving crime, it does nothing but make more criminals. Why do you think banks get robbed? Its not because they serve free donuts we all know that!

Illusions are great. But they don't often make things easier and as you have figured out this is one cops opinion. It might be yours also!

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