SB1007 goes to the house
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 @ 12:25:23 CDT

Why do Illinois legislators ignore legal gun owners? We are not sure but a conversation we had with a downstate “conservative” representative may give an insight. We talked with this representative personally about issues from citizens’ gun rights to punitive taxation. Our interviewee seemed informed and sympathetic to our concerns. He further stated that he opposed legislation increasing taxes and restriction of gun rights. We have even gone shooting with this representative so we know he is not just giving us lip service. However, when pressed about what he would do beyond just voting “no” on these restrictions he said “What can I do?” We pointed out ARTICLE 1 of the Illinois constitution, SECTION 22. RIGHT TO ARMS Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

Again our representative replied “What can I do? I am just like you. The powers in Springfield want what they want. I can’t stop it.” His office assistant added during a follow-up contact. “If you think this is bad, just wait ‘till they take away your guns.”
Are you outraged yet? We are. Why do those we put into office ignore us? Because they can. The powers that be spend more time and money making themselves heard than we do. To them it is a religion. All aspects of society must be engineered and controlled. Gun owners get in the way of that. It is time for all of us to be more loud and more active than the social engineers that prowl politics. Start with Senate Bill 1007 (SB1007). We raised our voice in the Senate but it went through anyway. It is now in the House. Use the link below to track and find out about the progress of this bill. Locate your representatives and send them multiple CIVIL communications with your opposition. Use email, phone, and fax. Be brief and persistent. Every voice counts. It’s time to take back our rights.

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