Senators across the state support concealed carry!
Date: Thursday, September 15, 2005 @ 16:51:11 CDT
Topic: PHP-Nuke

We have a lot of support right now in the Senate. Many senators openly support concealed carry, and would like to see it happen in Illinois. Everyone knows it has been a huge success across the nation. Crime has gone down in concealed carry states tremendously.

Let's keep working on it, and pressure our State Reps and Senators for support! Our 2nd Amendment Right to BEAR should be restored. It is in the public interest of every law-abiding citizen in the state to have concealed carry. The only people that should be opposed are criminals.

Check out our SENATORS LIST to see the VERIFIED support. I'm still waiting to speak with more senators, you can expect a LOT more good marks on that list!

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